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FEBRUARY 20, 2024


intense training for the most serious dancer

JUNE 3-7 (FOCUS #1)

JULY 15-19 (FOCUS #2)


Junior Intermediate | ages 6-8 | 9:30AM - 2:30PM

Intermediate | ages 9-10 | 9:30AM - 2:30PM

High Intermediate | ages 11-13 | 10AM - 4PM

Advanced | ages 14+ | 10AM - 4PM

FOCUS is developed for ages 6 & up and are designed to Focus on the higher intermediate to advanced dancer who wishes to broaden their repertoire. The program covers a wide range of master classes to help progress each student’s technique, skills and style.

Our mission is to bring together some of the industry’s most excellent instructors/ choreographers to help inspire and educate today's dance student at the prevailing level of up to date styles and technique.

*Schedule & Teachers subject to change at any time.



take your technique to the next level


JUNE 17-20 


Junior Intermediate (ages 7-9)~intermediate (2+yrs of recent/consecutive ballet training required) | 10am-2pm

High Intermediate~(ages 10-12) 3+yrs of recent/consecutive ballet training required) │ 10am-3pm

Advanced~(ages 13-18) 4+yrs of recent/consecutive ballet training required) | 10am-3pm

THE INTENSIVE~Immerse yourself in a rewarding dance experience with a high level of training for young dancers, pre-professionals, and for a select group of the most advanced students who enjoy the challenge of our summer trainee program.

The Central Texas Ballet Intensive is in its 7th season here at ADA! CTBI summer program offers the more serious dance student extraordinary opportunities to train, progress and educate alongside other established dancers from in and around Texas.

Our resident instructors, complemented with leading guest instructors will be instructing during the five day session.

Final Performance Presentation for Family

Each level will showcase a variation learned throughout the intensive on Friday June 18th 2:30-3:00.

THE CURRICULUM~The program is designed to cultivate strong well-trained artists and offer

positive encouragement with relentless attention to detail.

Classes in ballet technique, studies en pointe, variations, pilates, partnering, and conditioning provide a strong foundation in classical training. 

NEW! Intro to Pointe classes will be offered for new incoming pointe dancers with Each day is a new adventure; each class is a chance to grow. Come check out what we have

be given two weeks prior to first class date. Deposit of $150 is non-refundable/non-

specilized classes in pointe shoe care, sewing class, foot care, and beginner pointe introduction class.

Girls: pink-footed tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes and pointe shoes (experienced pointe dancers). Boys: black leggings or tights, solid white T-shirt and black ballet. Dress Codes will be enforced




a one of a kind intensive for experienced hip hop dancers



JUY 22-24 (BREAKOUT 2)

Ages 6-8 | 9:00am - 12:00pm

Ages 9-11 | 9:00am - 1:00pm

Ages 12+ | 1:00pm -5:00pm


Dancers will train and explore the movements of various hip hop styles. The skills the dancers will learn during this workshop will help them on and off the dance floor as they gain confidence and conquer new challenges. Dancers will develop creativity, coordination, musicality and listening skills. Students will learn the funda- mentals of various hip hop styles while building their mental and physical stamina. This intensive will be taught in an open and noncompetitive atmosphere and will allow dancers to move and groove to some of their favorite music.



Wacking/Vogue, House, Stepping, Grooves, Afrovibe/Dancehall,

Freestyle/Musicality, Industry Q & A, Perfecting performance quality

& stage performance, Dancing on Film (professional video shoot)

Not all classes are offered in every level. Classes vary week to week depending on instructors for that week and are subject to change at any time.




the perfect week for your toddler & young dancer

4 day camps for ages 3-5 & 6-11 | boys & girls

Dancing with my favorite princess: Passport to Royalty!

JUNE 10-13 | AGES 3-4 & 4.5-5 | 9AM - 1PM

Calling all dancing princesses! Whether your favorite princess travels by air on a magic carpet or swims under the sea with her mermaid tail...lives in an enchanted forest or dwells under a spell in a charmed castle, you don't want to miss this magical dance camp filed with adventure! Bring your princess dollie along with you and travel together to met four VIPs (Very Important Princesses) in their magical castles as you fill your Passport to Royalty with dancing fun! You'll go on a scavenger hunt for sparkly jewels, dance around underwater treasure chests, and create glittering crafts for both you and your princess dollie! This ballet and tap dance camp is the perfect passport offering twice the fun for you and your princess dollie! This ballet and tap dance camp is teh perfect passport offering twice the fun for you and your favorite princess dollie! 

In My Dance Sparkle Era!

JUNE  10-13 | Ages 6-8 & 9-11 | 9AM -1PM

Drop everythgin now because this iconic dance camp is SPARKLING! If you love to dance, sing (karaoke) and perform with your besties you will HAVE A BLAST shaking it off as you launch into an era of fearless fun and fame! The glitter and glam will be off the charts, and your jazz and hip hop dancing will never go out of style! Are you ready for it? Baby just say yes to this bejeweled summer fun, and get ready to make the whole place shimmer! 

Pink Pajama Party: Dancing in My Dreams! 

JUNE 24-27 | Ages 3-4 & 4.5-5 | 9AM-1PM

What do you get when you mix a sweet & sassy sleepover with a dreamy dance party? PINK PAJAMA PARTY: DANCING IN MY DREAMS! 

Grab your pinkest PJs and your dreamiest doll for this dazzling jazz, hip hop, and ballet dance camp. From delightful games and glittery crafts to enchanted dreams and pink tactic parties, tiny dancers will make magical memories with their fancy friends doing allll things slumber party! If your dancer loves Barbie, this will be the dance camp of their dreams!

Dancing Pastel Popstars & Rainbow Rockers

JUNE 24-27 | Ages 6-8 & 9-11 | 9AM-1PM

No need to hold the drama or calm down for this fun + sparkly summer dance camp! 

If you’re a super fan of Taylor Swift, Jojo, or the Descendants, then you need to jump right on this trendy tour bus as one of the top notch dance crew members for Pastel Popstars & Rainbow Rockers! Soon, you’ll be on your way to recording a pop-rocking dance video showing all your jazz moves and hip hop grooves. Get ready to dance and contribute to the artistic process of producing and starring in your very own DANCE music video, including fun activities related to style and wardrobe, props, makeup, choreography, and (of course) performance! Your fans are sure to be starstruck when your exclusive world tour video drops!

The Enchanted Confetti Casita!

JULY 22-25 | Ages 3-4 & 4.5-5 | 9AM-1PM

We may not talk about Bruno-no-no-no, but fans of Disney’s Encanto will be talking non-stop about this magical, fantastical ballet, tap and creative movement camp! The enchanted tiles of the Casita’s Candescent Courtyard will guide dancers to unlock three glowing doorways that each reveal a dance challenge! Once completed, they’ll be granted entry into the Enchanted Confetti Casita to explore the world of dance where their vivid imaginations will brightly shine! Filled with magical movements, fantastical fun and colorful crafts, this imaginative dance

camp is sure to bring glowing reviews for all who experience it!

Perfectly Pink Destination: Dream Vacation

JULY 22-25 | Ages 6-8 & 9-11 | 9AM-1PM

Hi Dance Besties! Get ready to e PINK with excitement as you jet set to Paris, boat to a beach bash and hop on a pink taxi to NYC! At the end of this dreamy vacay, you’ll dance the night away at the Perfectly Pink disco party with all your dance besties! This is your passport to all things pink, fun, and sparkly where every day is the best day ever! If you love Barbie, let’s go party together in this glitteriffic jazz and hip hop dance camp! 

weekly classes for all ages

for the dancer in your life who just loves to move


Summer is the perfect time for those who desire to stay in shape and/or expand their dance training. We have classes for all ages 2-18 in a wide variety of styles! Click on the link above for a full list of classes!



specialized focus in small doses

AGES 6-8, 9-11 & 12-18 | boys & girls

3 days only | 10:30AM - 1:30PM

The Summer Mini Workshops are designed specifically for intermediate and advanced level dancers ages 8-18. The series is offered for dancers to participate in numerous sessions, but can be separately chosen to match the dancers needs. With limited class sizes and an intimate studio setting, each dancer will enjoy the individualized attention these Mini Workshops provide.

Pure Technique & Conditioning Classes Every Week!

Each day of every Mini Workshop will concentrate on technique and skills in jumps, turns, core training, body conditioning, stretch, flexibility and tips and tricks catering towards each week’s workshop style & theme.


JUNE 24-26 (Mon-Wed) | Jazz & Hip Hop 

This energy filled Mini Workshop week will have a strong focus on Jazz & Hip Hop including proper dance technique, isolations of the body, strength and stamina, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns along with combos in various styles of jazz and hip hop. Dance attire, jazz and tennis shoes required.

JULY 29-31 (Mon-Wed) | Ballet & Contemporary

This session of our Mini Workshop will have students learning a more modern based ballet technique which will complement and transition them into their contemporary class. This form of ballet technique layered with contemporary movement will allow and encourage dancers to step outside the box while exploring their own individual style and personality through improv. Dance attire, ballet shoes and barefoot or socks required.

drill team prep intensives

get prepared...ahead of the heard

JULY 29 - AUGUST 1 | all levels | ages 13 + |  10am - 2pm

This clinic is for those not currently on a drill/dance team at school and looking to get fully prepared for the upcoming high school’s season drill team tryouts. Classes will include:

TechniqueClasses│ Contemporary│ Precision│ Props│ Q&ASessions High Kicks | Mock Tryouts | Flexibility | Turns & Jumps │ Progressions and More

Drill BOOT CAMP ******NEW DATE & TIME******
JULY 23-26 | AGES 13+ | 2PM-6PM
This camp is for students already on drill team and looking to get in shape and be prepared before summer clinics begin at school and also for the well experienced dancer wan ng to get ready for future tryouts. Classes will include:
Jazz │Contemporary│Precision│High Kicks|Flexibility│Turns & Jumps |Progressions|Technique 

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