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lauren gier

Student Teacher Assistant Program Director,

Senior Instructor

Lauren Gier is an alumna of Alisa’s Dance Academy and Austin’s Dance Elite Company. She spent over 10 years of training in the studio, at conventions, and attending various competitions. In her high school career, she became a member of the Westlake High School Hyline Dance Team where she served as 1st Lieutenant her senior year. Lauren’s passion for drill team continued into college where she became a World Famous Kilgore College Rangerette.  As a Rangerette, Lauren was a featured soloist in various Rangerette performances, including Rangerette Revels, and was a member of the select Swingster performance group.  Lauren has traveled to various places to perform such as Hawaii to perform at Pearl Harbor, Washington D.C. for the 2013 Texas Inaugural Ball, Chicago for the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Dallas for the Crystal Charity Ball and to perform at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for the Cotton Bowl, and New York for Tracie Stanfield’s SynthesisDance intensive program.  Lauren also works for MA Dance Nation where she judges competitions, consults, and teaches private camps to drill teams and studios across Texas. Lauren is excited to be back at her original home for dance and to share her passion of dance with others. 

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